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Joseph Smith Furniture

The 667

The 667

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One of one. Technically one of the most difficult tables ever built from timber. All made from English oak from sussex. Named the 667 as that’s how many hand cut joints it took to make such a creation. 5 weeks for 2 master craftsmen to create this masterpiece. 23 years of combined woodworking experience goes into this table, with hundreds of years of knowledge passed down generation to generation. Our blood sweat and tears were poured into the makIng of it. Nobody commissioned it, we made it off of our own backs. Our goal, to create a legacy that will last hundreds of years. A piece of art that will be at the centre of good times, hard times and the best times.

The philosophy behind the build was to make everything the hard way. The way nobody else would think of making it. A table without cliches. A table like no other. A table that to build such a thing people would think us mad.

Some interesting features are that when building this we found a bullet from around the time of world war 2 lodged in it. This is what makes the black stain in the top. Every part of this piece has been made from a single English oak. We have all the information from where it was felled due to old age, where it was milled and where it was given a second life. The tree may have passed but it will live on longer than its makers.


This piece is available for viewings in Lewes (United kingdom) By appointment only. Shipping is available worldwide and will be delivered personally by the makers no matter where you are.


3600mm long

1300mm wide 

775mn high

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